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Everett and I attempted to figure out where my tour was going after we left Prague. We had the name of the place but couldn't find it on any maps he had.

Well it was a ski resort. But first...

My room in Prague was delightful. Typical attic room. Newly remodeled. Had a peekaboo window to the Betlem church in the square. Dark rafters I had to duck under. DSCF0847.jpg Oodles of outlets. AND a bathroom door that was short. Copy_of_DSCF0846.jpgI banged my head about 200 times over the course of the 3 nights exiting the bathroom. I don't fault the room...after all. How many times does one have to smack ones head on the sharp edge of a door lentil before he learns. Well apparently I just don't. ESPECIALLY when I was distracted with unpacking then packing. The days/nights in between I didn't strike my noggen near as much as when I was unpacking/packing. I must have hit my head 7 times in a row packing. Of course when I did I just was so pleased and happy that I wrote poetry! Unfortunately I waxed so eloquent and so profusely that I failed to get any of it down on paper. :) My Room also had AC which I would have died had I not had.

There were three rooms in the rafters - all facing into the same tiled atrium which seemed to amplify any of the slightest sound. Doors in Eastern Europe seem to all be working the same way. You have a handle and a lock mechanism that requires 4 turns. As you turn the mechanism with the key it typically makes a racket. Well there was no being subtle when I locked or unlocked my door. It sounded like a jailer locking and unlocking a cell. The loudest clack clack snap clack you have ever heard echoing off the vestibule for the 3 cells in the attic. Then no matter how quietly I attempted to close the door it always made a thwump. I tried to be quiet...but then of course shortly after entering my room I would smack my head coming out of the bathroom so I was likely a very noisy neighbor.

The morning we all loaded up and left it was cool and rainy. DSCF0855.jpgAs I mentioned Everett and I had attempted to figure out our next destination....but we couldn't. The bus is gigantic and spacious. I have 4 seats to myself most of the time...so I can shuttle back and forth from one side to another depending on which side I feel has better views. The views outside Prague are great. DSCF1005.jpgDSCF0985.jpgDSCF0983.jpgDSCF0982.jpgEvery little town (and there are many) has a central spire with a dome. The countryside was LUSH LUSH green with puffy trees and fields. When the light was right the blades of the grain leaves would all catch the sun (they were wet) it was really very lovely. Lots of communist era housing. DSCF0873.jpgDSCF0866.jpg

On the way I discovered we were heading to a mountain resort.

We stopped first for lunch at a lovely town (I don't know the name just now) and had an hour to eat where we wanted and take in the wee village. DSCF0968.jpgDSCF0965.jpgDSCF0950.jpgDSCF0938.jpgDSCF0921.jpg
A couple of us were standing outside a bakery and a mentally challenged individual came right up to me and I'm assuming introduced him/her self in Czech. I told him my name and I got theirs in return. Then the person who was accompanying them discovered we were interacting and whisked him/her away (I couldn't tell if I was talking with a female or male) and they waved as they were dragged by the hand down the incline the market square is built on. We all looked at each other and smiled as it was such a pure and genuine expression from that person. He saw new folk and said hi. It was nice.

We all piled back into the bus (I may blog on this whole tour "experience" but I haven't decided yet) and continued into the mountains.

We got to the ski resort. DSCF1096.jpg It was cold and fog was pouring over one side of the mountain and down the other. The resort is right on top. You could see the fog blowing up the slope and swirling down the back side. It was very cool. The designs of the couple elaborately decorated hotels and the whole design of the place made it somewhat mysterious.
Our hotel was not one of the "decorative ones." it reminded me of our church lodge in McCall Idaho. Utilitarian and sparse. Floors that made you self conscious to move because they made so much noise.

We couldn't see how high up we were that night. They run the lift on the hour...but there was no point to sit and freeze to death. We were the only group up there. There were a few other people but we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Dinner was arranged by our guide. The food was enormous and delicious. Two 'ous words I have been running into a lot as of late.

We were treated to a local Czech group dancing and singing. It was a hoot.

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